The Pregnancy Advantage Fertility Summit 

20+ Of The World's Top Doctors, Clinicians and Researchers Share

Best Practices to Increase Fertility and Get a Woman’s Body Pregnant Ready.


Learn the importance of pre-pregnancy health optimization to increase fertility and have the healthiest baby possible.

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Hear from women who had to overcome significant health problems in order to become pregnant.  Their journeys will inspire you. 



Here is the information you need to help you conceive and raise healthy, happy children.



June 6th - 12th, 2021


There’s just so much conflicting information from too many sources. How do you know where to get unbiased information about critical nutritional needs before and during pregnancy? 


Can you trust your physician who has received very limited hours of nutrition education in medical training?


If you are tired of that conflicting advice, the month to month frustration of not being able to conceive or the fear of what some of these fertility drugs are doing to your body...

...then this free online summit is exactly what  you need to hear.  

Hear Inspiring Stories

Like Katherine... at age 27, had stage 4 endometriosis and went in for surgery, thinking she needed her uterus and ovaries removed; but yet went on to have 3 healthy children of her own.  


Her doctor stated it was a miracle...and we think so too.  But listen to her story “behind” the miracle.


Jody tried for 13.5 years to conceive, including 4 years of IVF.  She was told she was infertile and would not conceive.... but all of sudden… she did.

        Her interview will inspire you.


Starting a family is part of the human journey, and more many, it appears effortless.   For many women and men, this process is far from easy.


We want you to know how your food and diet, environment and physical and emotional health affect your fertility.​​​


You will also understand many of the factors that go into having a healthy pregnancy as well as creating a healthy child.

Practical Tips

Hear from parents who made diet and lifestyle changes and were able to get pregnant and successfully carry their baby and now are raising extremely healthy and happy children.



Each presentation will cover new topics and you will hear inspirational stories.

Here is what you will learn in this truly new and unique summit:

  • Increase Fertility

    Simple ways to actually be healthier to increase fertility in quick and lasting ways.

  • Reduce Risk of Complications

    Dramatically decrease the risk of troubling and dangerous pregnancy complications.

  • Reduce Risk of Birth Defects

    Reduce the risk and possibility of birth defects.

  • Improve Health of Your Children

    Easy and understandable methods to improve the health of your children and grandchildren.

  • Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease

    Understand how to decrease the risk of chronic disease later in life.

  • Optimize Your Health Prior to Conception

    The importance of taking the time to optimize your health prior to conception, to create healthier generations to come.

You will have questions. Our experts will have answers.

Answers you will most likely not hear from your clinician.

Overview of the Summit

Day 1

Debra Shapiro, M.D., FACOG, DipABLM

Confessions of a Reformed OBGYN

Trouble getting pregnant? 

Why there is an increase in pregnancy complications?

Co-Founder of The Pregnancy Advantage

Dr. Shapiro shares her nutritional journey and observations of why women are having trouble getting pregnant.

Jorge Chavarro, M.D., Sc.M., Sc.D.

Co-Author of The Fertility Diet 

This book reveals startling new research from the landmark Nurses' Health Study, which shows that the food you eat can boost your fertility.  His research focuses on investigating the role of nutritional factors in the pathogenesis of diseases affecting reproductive and hormone sensitive organs.

Neal Barnard, MD, FACC

Diet and Lifestyle DO Make a Difference.


Hormones in Dairy.  

What are they doing to YOUR body?

Founder of the Barnard Medical center.

Now offering plant based telemedicine.

Day 2

Brenda Davis, RD

Nourish the Body: Nutrients of Concern

We discuss critical nutrients that are needed in the diet to get your body pregnant ready.
Author: Becoming Vegan, Nourish - The Definitive Plant-based Nutrition Guide for Families

Michael Klaper, MD

Plant Based Pregnancies


Author, Pregnancy, Children and the Vegan Diet


Get Rid of Toxic Food to Change Your Health

Jane Esselstyn, RN

Raising a Plant Based Family

Research on the effects of a plant-based diet on pediatric obesity and hypercholesterolemia. Women, families and community drive Jane’s work forward.


Jane is the host of the annual conference: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women, which is focused on the power of plants!

Day 3

Christina Miller, MD, FACEP

Health Issues? Heal Your Body Prior to Conception.

Dealing with an autoimmune disease? Dr. Miller put her own diagnosis of Lupus into full remission. 

You must heal your body prior to pregnancy. 

Your baby's health depends on your health.

Joanna Frey, DC

Plant Based Pregnancy
Getting Back to the Garden

Get back to Nature. Heal your body.  Consider water fasting to help restore your body quickly.

Jody Henry, RN

Infertility to Fertility

Jody tried for 13.5 years to conceive during which she tried 4 years of IVF. 

She was told she was infertile and would not get pregnant.... but suddenly… she did.


Hear her story behind the miracle.

Reshma Shah, MD, MPH

Nourish the Body
Importance of Infant and Childhood Nutrition

Dr. Reshma Shah is a board-certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician of University of Illinois Health and an Associate Professor of pediatrics in the University of Illinois and author of the book, Nourish - The Definitive Plant-based Nutrition Guide for Families.

Day 4

Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.

Don’t Drown in Your Gene Pool
Successfully Raising Plant Based Children

His research on the effects of brain peptides on the regulation of reproductive hormones paved the way for him to become an expert on the regulation of women’s hormones.

Kim Campbell, Author & Chef

A Plant Based Journey
Raising a Plant Based Family and

Re-Learning How to Cook.

Kim is the author of several cookbooks, Plant Pure Nation Cookbook, that was released at the opening of the film Plant Pure Nation, followed by Plant Pure Kitchen.

Jeffrey Smith, Filmmaker

Regain Your Health. Change Your Food.

Movies: Secret Ingredients, & Genetic Roulette

Founder, Institute for Responsible Technology;  


Author, Seeds of Deception

Stephan Esser, MD

Shape Up for Pregnancy.  

They do not call it labor for nothing.

A physician, author and motivational speaker specializing in sports medicine and lifestyle modification. He was raised plant based and is now raising his family plant based.

Day 5

Marcia Schaefer, DC

Align Your Body with Preconception Health

Helping families to achieve their goals with the understanding she had from healing herself of metastatic thyroid cancer, and her success rate with increasing fertility is 100%.

Katherine Lawrence-Ireland

Reversing Infertility

Through Your Fork

At 27, with stage 4 endometriosis and was literally on the table to have her uterus, tubes and ovaries removed, but now has a family of 3 healthy boys. PCRM Food For Life Instructor - Food Saved Me

Susan Levin, MS, RD, CSSD

Optimizing Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition
Eat From the Rainbow


Director of Nutrition Education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Day 6

Alison Tierney, MS, RD, CD, CSO

From PCOS and Infertile

to Plant Based AND Fertile

Hear her powerful story on how she tried fertility treatments, which didn’t work and how when she changed what was at the end of her fork, and she conceived. Her passion is preventing, managing, and reversing chronic diseases with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Jill Zechowy, MD, MS

The Emotional Impact of Your Fertility Journey


Experiencing Primary or

Secondary Infertility
Specializing in perinatal

mental health -

Mahima Gulati, M.D., M.Sc., E.C.N.U., F.A.C.E., A.B.L.M.

Simple Solutions to Deal with Female Issues.

Irregular periods, weight, hormones, inflammation, thyroid, autoimmune. She is a board-certified endocrinologist and Lifestyle Medicine physician working out of Middlesex Health hospital in Middletown, CT and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Sciences, at Quinnipiac University.

Day 7

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA

Power of Plants
Raising a Plant Based Famil


She is co-founder of Plant Based TeleHealth, focused on the prevention and reversal of chronic disease utilizing lifestyle medicine. She is also co-founder of Healthy Human Revolution, whose mission is to provide resources that help individuals successfully adopt and sustain a whole food, plant-based diet.

Marsha-Gail Davis, MD

Disease Prevention to Optimize Pregnancy

The Power at the End of Your Fork
Lifestyle medicine and its Impact on Health and Wellness

Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., EdD.

Childhood's Silent Disruptors: Learning in a Toxic World


Are Toxins Keeping You from Getting Pregnant?
Co-Founder, The Pregnancy Advantage  -

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The Pregnancy Advantage Fertility Summit

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20+ Of The World's Top Researchers, Doctors, and Clinicians and Are Coming Together To Share Best Practices to Increase Fertility and Get a Woman’s Body Pregnant Ready.


Your Hosts

Debra Shapiro, M.D., FACOG, DipABLM 

I am a Board Certified OBGYN, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, and Certified Health Coach with 28 years of clinical practice after my residency.  I was not taught about nutrition as it relates to fertility in my original training, but I have been studying plant-based nutrition for the past 8 years.  


I have a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies, and I have obtained over 250 hours of continuing education in plant-based nutrition.  I personally eat a low-fat whole plant food diet with minimal oil, salt or sugar. I needed to learn how to cook food without oil, and took the Rouxbe Cooking School Forks Over Knives 3-month course.  


I am a certified health coach, through Health Coach Institute and have helped many individuals transform their diets and their approach to food and health. I have seen remarkable disease reversal in my clients, and believe strongly in the power of transformational coaching.  I am also ethically vegan and was trained as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, though Main Street Vegan Academy.


Connect with me on my website

Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., Ed.D.

I earned my doctorate in science and education and have taught for over 35 years. I am a firm believer in “walking the walk” and am committed to inspiring people to change their health destiny through a non-toxic whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle. Being passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, I teach practical ways to improve their health. I believe that food is our best medicine and helps us get our bodies back to a state of health when faced with “dis”-ease. I have been sharing my knowledge through motivational and educational lectures as well as on my website


I have followed a plant-based diet since 2009. My transformation to a healthier lifestyle began with a trip to the emergency room with a 105 degree fever, deadly high blood pressure and an unknown infection. Luckily, the physician who attended me was not only trained in medicine but also in nutrition. This doctor started me on a journey that would not only change my health destiny, but my life as well. I have successfully earned my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through eCornell - Center for Nutritional Studies and completed the Women’s Studies and Food Over Medicine program through the Wellness Forum.


The information contained in The Pregnancy Advantage Fertility Summit should not be seen as medical, nursing or nutritional advice for any particular individual listener.  It is certainly not meant to take the place of seeing your own licensed health professionals, including your doctors. 


You understand and agree that The Pregnancy Advantage Fertility Summit speakers are not providing health care, medical, nutritional or therapy services to any individual listener; and are not diagnosing, treating or curing any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment.  The speakers are not acting in the capacity of one’s own doctor, licensed dietitian, nutritionist or therapist.  


We at the Pregnancy Advantage Fertility Summit encourage you to maintain a relationship with your own primary care physician or doctor.  Do not discontinue or change any treatment plan that you may be on, as a result of information provided by the speakers, without first discussing the change with your health care providers.  The opinions expressed by the speakers are their own and may not reflect the views of The Pregnancy Advantage.  Any reliance you put on such material is therefore strictly at your own risk. 

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